broken dreams

Behind the shot

Sometimes it seems no matter how hard you try that life is against you. When I was younger I used to let that get to me and discourage ideas I had. As I have aged I learned that a lot of those past situations was actually an opportunity to learn more about myself. Now when I encounter difficult situations I try to find the lesson in it all or my weakness so that I can come out different than when I entered. It’s not hard to find people in life that have given up on dreams and have a million excuses as to why. The reality is that dreams are nice but require a lot of hard work, disappointments, and perseverance. I have been taking photos since 2011 and finally in 2018 I started to put out work that I had always dreamed about. It took me a long while to learn what I needed to know, make a ton of mistakes, and how to shake it off to keep going. Don’t give up.

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