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Thoughts from our latest trip One of the benefits of driving a countless number of miles across the U.S. to visit places is that at some point you are bound to reflect on your life. Eventually, Brandi has to sleep and I will fall into a zone where I think about the present and what I envision the future being. Notice I did not mention the past, because it's [...]

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Behind the scenes of night photography Decided to write describing what goes behind a shot at times. Not that the above photo is the most extreme out there, but one thing that gets lost in translation on social media is an appreciation for the work going behind a quality photo. Night photography is a great example of this because so many people do composites. Before I go any further, I [...]

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Small tips for new hikers It's that time of the year again in Arkansas for many to explore the natural areas around the state. One thing that always stands out when Brandi and I visit areas is that there seems to be an overwhelming number of people that are unprepared. I think the general mindset is that many liken it to walking through their backyard. This entry will be a summary [...]

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My approach to shooting small scenes I was recently asked what focal length I used on a particular photo so I decided that I would write something that might be more helpful than simply answering the question. Let me first state that I do not consider myself any leading source of info. 🙂 This is nothing more than me sharing what I do. Take it for what it is. [...]

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Comparing your work and social media. I remember when I was pretty wrapped up in social media with my photography. It's inevitable to avoid being sucked into the game of wanting "likes" and "loves." Social media has found a way to make people value their worth based on how they do on social media. The far extremes of this are people who purchase followers, play the game to get [...]

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When do Brandi and I work? This seems to be one of the more popular questions we are asked so I decided to explain our lifestyle. To answer the question, we work every week like normal people. There are many things that we do every day that help facilitate being able to travel frequently. First, Brandi works mainly contract labor jobs so that she can control her schedule completely. [...]

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Perseverance One lesson I have learned since I began my photography journey is to understand that photography is a never-ending learning process. I am always fascinated listening to experts discuss human behaviors and one that particularly stands out in today's society is a lack of patience to allow a process to occur naturally over time. It took me a long while to learn this lesson and I still struggle [...]

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A new direction for my website Photo by my friend Linda Henderson. Thank you for visiting my newest version of my website. I have decided that I am going to slowly phase out social media. I am tired of the rat race and always having to jump through the hoops of algorithms for people to see what I share. Not that I care about likes, but what's the [...]

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Why put my work in a box? I can remember when I once used to be down on those who obviously added extra processing to their photos regardless of how great the final image looked. I'll admit, I was new and trying to compete with that level seemed impossible. As my experience continued to grow from one year to the next I began to understand the deeper lessons that [...]