With everything on my site, I have struggled the most to figure out what to say about myself. I know a lot of other photographers like to boast about their awards and stuff but who cares? I love the world photography has opened my eyes to. Nature has become a large part of my life and photography is an added bonus. Nothing beats the solitude of the woods, desert, or mountains. It is hard to break away from technology today but I feel strongly that being alone can help bring restoration to your mind and body.

My work is nothing more than me sharing the sights Brandi and I have seen during our travels. Nothing can ever replace the memories we have made exploring the roads and finding things here and there. I hope you enjoy some of my work and feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions. Since then I have narrowed my focus down to primarily landscape photography. There is a peace that comes along with being outside that I cannot adequately express in words. I love to shoot with people who enjoy being outdoors and respect nature. If you are only looking for that “epic” photo, then I am not the guy you want to shoot with. I enjoy all of the small things I find along the way, as well. When I take a photo I try to capture the mood that I get from a scene. In doing this I feel like I can create art to share with people. Sometimes the weather does not cooperate, but that gives me one more reason to return. I hope you enjoy viewing what I call my memories.