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I lack a fancy bio for my visitors to read. I am a normal guy that lives in Arkansas. On my weekends I enjoy heading outdoors to visit new places around the state. I grew up in Memphis playing sports and moved to Arkansas in 2002. At some point in 2011, I started to play with a camera my mother gave me. With plenty of messed up photos to show for it, I finally admitted that I did not know how to take a photo. One four-week class made sense of all the buttons and settings.

Since then I have narrowed my focus down to primarily landscape photography. There is a peace that comes along with being outside that I cannot adequately express in words. I love to shoot with people who enjoy being outdoors and respect nature. If you are only looking for that “epic” photo, then I am not the guy you want to shoot with. I enjoy all of the small things I find along the way, as well.

When I take a photo I try to capture the mood that I get from a scene. In doing this I feel like I can create art to share with people. Sometimes the weather does not cooperate, but that gives me one more reason to return. I hope you enjoy viewing what I call my memories.