Thoughts from our latest trip

One of the benefits of driving a countless number of miles across the U.S. to visit places is that at some point you are bound to reflect on your life. Eventually, Brandi has to sleep and I will fall into a zone where I think about the present and what I envision the future being. Notice I did not mention the past, because it’s the past. You cannot change that which has already happened, but you can learn to be better by learning from those decisions.

Photography. I have grown into this zone where I am beginning to fully understand what photography is all about for me. I appreciate it more now than I ever have. I used to be a shot chaser, especially with iconic landscapes, but I have dialed back in that area. For clarification, I 100% believe there is nothing wrong with that and I implore that everyone into photography should always make it a point to see these places. I love to shoot plants and patterns more than I ever have, especially those that are not present in my home state of Arkansas. I pay more attention to details now that I would never have before. With an iconic scene, you’re not really utilizing your creativity because there are only so many compositions to be had. If I go to Old Faithful, millions have photographed it erupting. Is there really a composition I could find that hasn’t been done yet? No. However, with smaller scenes, you open up an entirely new world of seeing things differently. Colors, patterns, light, texture… they all are constantly changing. This has allowed me to become more diverse with what I shoot and I always do not need great light to pull off shots. So if you’re a landscape photographer, slow down and pay closer attention to the things around you. The grass shot above was taken at the side of a porta-potty 🙂 You’d never know if I didn’t tell you though.

Understanding. I am attempting to become more understanding of people. Over the course of our trip, I just came to a conclusion that I don’t have to understand the “why” with everything that happens. So many things that irritate me are so small and usually, it just seems like common sense. I’m tired of allowing those little things to get to me though. The only way I can think of to combat them is to just shift to a mentality that says “You don’t have to understand.” Whether I’m successful long-term or not I don’t know. We shall see.

Stop making excuses. I have long wanted to have my own graphic design and website building business. I have dabbled with it and have done several paid jobs, but I’m to a point now that I need to really invest time into the project and become more serious about the dream. So I’ll be forming the business name soon, making it legal, and pushing forward with the organization of it all. I’d love to get to a point that it becomes a real income and Brandi and I could live on the road for long stretches of time. In life, I can think of plenty of reasons not to take a risk, but the regret later in life would be so much harder to deal with for ideas that I did not take advantage of. We are in one of the greatest times ever to start our own businesses and there is absolutely no excuse for not trying.

My wife. I am a big morning grouch. I don’t know why but I am not a good morning person. My wife loves me to death and I’m going to try to be more appreciative of the little things that she does for me. I know when she reads this that she will probably tell me that it’s not a big deal, but in my head, I feel like I can be a better husband. I think as humans we at times fail to reflect on our actions so that we can see that maybe we could make a little tweak and be better at daily situations. It’s often difficult for me to be around people that think they know everything, fail to see their shortcomings or are mentally closed off to new ideas. You can see it play out on Facebook all the time. You cannot even have a mature conversation anymore because as soon as you go against another’s opinion it turns into an argument. To me, it goes to speak with how insecure people are with themselves. It’s as if they have to “prove” they are right so that they can feel ok with how they feel. It’s pretty stupid, especially with grown adults. When did we lose the ability to disagree with each other and it still just be a normal conversation? So anyway, even though I treat my wife very good my goal is to figure out how to be even better towards her.

Closing thoughts. I wish Yellowstone National Park would remove all warning signs and literature and just let nature handle itself. 🙂 I was once again blown away with how many people think that wild animals are safe to walk upon so that they can take a CELL PHONE PICTURE. While watching it happen many times over the course of our trip all I could say was “what an idiot.” I mean seriously, if you need a sign to tell you not to approach a bison, bear, or elk, then you probably deserve what you get. I’m pretty surprised that it still happens so often with the amount of publicity this stuff gets online now and days.


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  1. Larry Burton June 19, 2018 at 10:20 PM - Reply

    Bobby I love reading your thoughts which seem so deep but so simple and true. We have become so into ourselves that we have become stupid. We should be concerned with the ones we love and try to just keep away from negative people. I never thought you would be so into making this world a better place through your photography and sharing your experiences. Every time I see you are on another adventure I get very jealous about your trips and wished I could be with you. Someday I would love to do a day trip with you so Icould gain some of your wisdom. God bless you and Brandi on each and every adventure. Love your favorite uncle LOL.

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